We love a good puzzle

Whether it’s diagnosing a strange buzz or a violin in several pieces, we can advise. Our in-house luthier team can assist you with a wide range of instrument needs: bow rehair, advanced instrument setup, neck sets, soundpost patches, crack repairs, varnish work, and so on. Bring your instrument in for quotes and timeline estimates. 

Call and ask for Rozanne if you have an issue to discuss.

We can help with: 

Soundpost set up & fine adjustment

Deep cleaning

Wolf suppressor & resonator installation

Fingerboard planing

Nut adjustment

Troubleshooting buzzing noises

String replacement

Bow rehairs (now including COLORED bow hair!)

Advanced instrument setup

Neck sets

Soundpost patches

Seam & crack repairs

Bridge adjustment & new bridges cut

Peg fitting/peg replacement

Varnish work

While we can give a general estimate for general repairs over the phone, we can’t give proper estimates for your specific instrument until we see it in person. At this time we repair violins, violas & cellos only.


“Rozanne is fantastic - this is the best I've ever heard my cello sound, thank you so much!”

– Cary C.


“Amazing customer service and extremely knowledgeable staff. Will continue to support this business as my daughter’s violin go-to store for repairs, accessories, and instruments.”

– Caroline H.