We love a good puzzle

Whether it’s diagnosing a strange buzz or a violin in several pieces, we can advise. Our on-site luthier can rehair bows, replace bridges, set soundposts, and much much more.

Call and ask for Rozanne if you have an issue to discuss.

We can help with: 

Soundpost set up & fine adjustment

Deep cleaning

Wolf suppressor & resonator installation

Fingerboard planing

Nut adjustment

Bow rehairs (now including COLORED bow hair!)

Troubleshooting buzzing noises

String replacement

Bridge adjustment & new bridges cut

Peg fitting/peg replacement

Seam & crack repairs

While we can give a general estimate for general repairs over the phone, we can’t give proper estimates for your specific instrument until we see it in person. At this time we repair violins, violas & cellos only.