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Featured Instruments for Sale

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William Van Woert Violin

The William Van Woert violin is a one of a kind – an American-made violin out of Washington State. Van Woert inscribed his initials in the back of the scroll, on his label, and it is hand written inside the upper back belly of the instrument. This violin features a sweet tone and gorgeous flame.

German Viola

This 16 ¼” German viola dates back at least 75 years. It was used to play background music for several movies in the 1930s-50s. It offers excellent finished details and a sweet tone.

Paolo Lorenzo Cello

Excellent for the competitive high school student, the Paolo Lorenzo features a complex depth of tone and gorgeous wood figure. We regularly keep the Lorenzo model in stock. Available in Strad and Montagnana styles.

German Strad Violin

This striking, older German model Strad is powerful and aggressive, and was refurbished in our shop.

Paolo Lorenzo Viola

This Paolo Lorenzo viola - in a striking baroque style - is a head turner and is surprisingly affordable!

Franklin Cello

The Franklin cello is a fantastic intermediate level cello. The maker’s main focus was clean interior workmanship to bring out a warm, balanced tone. Available in ½, ¾, and full size.

San Seraphin Violin

The San Seraphin is another violin refurbished in our shop, and it is roughly 100 years old. It features excellent high end projection and the warmth of an older German model.

Sandro Luciano Violin

The Sandro Luciano violin is an excellent consistent performer, beautiful and ideal for the excelling high school student.